Welcome to Stanley Property Services

Work History

I have over 15 years experience in property maintenance. I started my training on construction sites but much of my work and experience came from contractors and letting agencies which enabled me to carry out a vast scope of work in occupied and empty properties.

Over the years I have focused more on bathroom and kitchen designing supplying and fitting however I still cover all aspects of property maintenance including fencing & decking as well as decorating & wallpapering.

Qualifications & Accreditations

My 15 years experience on a vast scope of work outweighs the paper qualifications that others may possess. I have gained lots of skills and am competent and have the ability to work along with the client that can not be obtained from attending college.

I actually enjoy working in the field of home improvements and repairs so each job I take on I approach as though it were in my own home. Combining that with my skills and attention to detail will result in great satisfaction for you and myself in a job well done.